Wear and tear exclusions

Homeowners in Florida may be interested to learn about water damage insurance claims. According to a recent article, most types of water damage are covered by a typical homeowner’s insurance policy. This includes water damage from a leak caused by an accident and damage that occurs because of old and worn out roofing. Coverage may also be subject to the deductible attached to the specific policy.

This information may be surprising to some homeowners because many insurance policies that involve homes and other real estate include a “wear and tear” exclusion. The wear and tear language usually only applies to the roof itself, which means that the policy will only offer coverage on roof repairs in cases where an accident causes the damage. Despite this, the loss resulting from such a leak may be insured.

Because this type of coverage is so common, some insurance providers may conduct inspections on the policyholder’s property, checking the roof of the building for signs of deterioration. In cases where the roof might be damaged due to wear and tear and no other water damage has occurred, the provider may ask that the policyholder have the roof replaced or repaired. The insurance company may threaten the cancellation of the policy if repairs are not made.

In many cases, a policyholder may not be completely sure what type of coverage they have, which can be detrimental and costly when damage occurs. Furthermore, filing an insurance claim may be a complicated endeavor. However, it may be possible to discuss an insurance claim with an attorney. That attorney may be able to provide advice throughout the claims process and could offer representation in any negotiations with insurance agents.