Who Pays for Water Damage – Flood or Homeowners Insurance?

After a storm or other weather event, many people are unsure as to specifically what damage should be covered by their Homeowner’s Property Insurance Policy as opposed to their Flood Insurance Policy. Your Homeowners and Flood Insurance Policies are two very different policies which provide different types of coverages and different methods by which to present your claim. Homeowners Property Insurance and Flood Insurance are intended to work together rather than to duplicate coverage, so it is important that Florida property owners know the difference between the two types of policies and the coverage provided by each.

Homeowners and Commercial Property Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance policies, as well as commercial property insurance policies, provide coverage for damage caused by “wind blown” water and not for damage caused by “rising” water. Your homeowner’s insurance policy should cover damage caused by water which was blown through an open window or hole in your roof, but may not cover damage caused by water which had risen from an overflowing river. Homeowner’s insurance should also typically cover heavy rain that causes water to leak through the attic or ceiling, or water damage from a hailstorm smashing a window and raining inside the home. Other water losses covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy are damage caused by burst pipes, broken hoses or pipes in an ice maker or washing machine, and sudden appliance explosions, such as a bursting water heater.

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance coverage is limited to water damage caused from flooding or rising water. Your flood policy should provide coverage for damage caused by water which overflows or rises onto normally dry land or property. This type of damage is usually the result of water overflowing from bodies of water, swimming pools, or water main breaks. Flood damage could also be caused by a heavy rain event that caused water to pool in your yard to such an extent that the water enters your home.

Get Help With Your Insurance Claim

If you are the unfortunate victim of a water loss, the last thing you want is to be caught in the middle of a dispute between your flood and homeowner insurance companies as to which should provide coverage for your loss. Since no two property insurance claims are the same, you should always consult with a qualified property insurance claim attorney in order to best understand your rights and coverages provided under your insurance policies.

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