After noticing a substantial amount of damage to their home in Brooksville, our clients placed a sinkhole damage claim with their insurance company, Tower Hill Select Insurance Company. Instead of honoring the claim, Tower Hill Select Insurance Company chose to deny our clients’ claim and to force our clients to file a lawsuit in order to obtain the benefit of their insurance policy. Throughout the five-day trial of this matter, Tower Hill presented numerous expert witnesses who were clearly biased towards the insurance company, and our firm worked hard to demonstrate this bias to the jury. Furthermore, our firm also had the task of demonstrating that the Neutral Evaluator – who also testified that the home had not been damaged by sinkhole activity – was not “neutral” at all, considering over 90% of his yearly revenue was from insurance companies!

After a five-day jury trial in Hernando County, the jury awarded our clients the full amount of their damages to repair their home. Since we were the prevailing party in the case, Tower Hill was also responsible for not only the payment of all of the attorney’s fees and costs incurred in the prosecution of the matter but also interest on the full amount of the jury award.