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Whether through settlement or all the way through trial, Williams Law, P.A. has successfully represented well over a thousand clients with regard to their property insurance claims, motor vehicle accident, slip and fall, wrongful death, or other serious disputed claims. Our goal is to help get our clients back on their feet again after a catastrophic loss and to get them the compensation they need to put their lives back together.

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Unlocking Justice: Inspiring Success Stories in Personal Injury and Insurance Battles.

These cases showcase how adept insurance strategies have led to just compensation and resolutions for our clients. From navigating minor injury claims to complex legal battles, these stories underscore the critical role of informed advocacy and perseverance in attaining justice and closure in various situations… More Case Studies >

Inspiring Success Stories in Personal Injury and Insurance Battles.

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We are dedicated to helping our clients get the insurance money they need to repair their property in Florida. Whether you’re worried about damage to your business or your personal home, we will fight tirelessly for the compensation you deserve.

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Our goal is to provide clear answers to your questions about accidents and home insurance, empowering you to make informed decisions for your well-being and financial security.

Sinkhole damage can be extremely costly and time-consuming. In Florida, where sinkhole activity is common, people need to be on alert and inspect their property for sinkhole damage if they notice changes to their structure or the surrounding area. They should not only contact their insurance adjuster when they discover sinkhole damage, but they should also seek out a sinkhole attorney who can help them through the insurance claims process.

Lawyer K.C. Williams has be...

Why was my claim denied? Am I covered for the interruption to my business caused by property damage? Why is my claim taking so long? What can I do if I think the insurance company is committing fraud? We tackle questions like these and many more in our commercial insurance claim Frequently Asked Questions.


The short answer to this question is ‘no.’ Florida has rules that insurers must follow before canceling property insurance coverage. A company may not cancel your policy simply because you filed a property damage claim. If you have had an insurance policy for more than 90 days and made timely payments, your policy can only be canceled for specific reasons. However, you may face a non-renewal after filing a claim. You may even receive a non-renewal notice while still involved in a disput...

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Our office is located in Tampa, but we assist frustrated commercial and residential property owners all over the State of Florida. If your insurance company isn’t treating you fairly, leave the fighting to us.

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We’ve helped many frustrated residential or commercial property owners turn an insurance denial or undervaluation into a fair payment. See in their own words what some of our previous clients had to say about the representation they received from Williams Law, P.A. 

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