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You may consider pursuing a homeowner’s insurance claim yourself. However, many people are unprepared to handle the stress of dealing with their insurance company or court settlement and all the necessary filings that occur. We at Williams Law, P.A. urge you to consider allowing our Tampa Insurance Claim Attorneys to handle the ins and outs of what can be a complicated court proceeding while recovering your damage or loss. Our firm has consistently recovered the full value of our client’s claims and, in many cases, our clients have received damages that greatly exceed the claim amount due to the insurance company’s bad faith handling of the claim.

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The insurance adjuster works for the insurance company, not you. Most if not all property owners are subject to insurance company tactics and may be tempted to accept a low-ball settlement just to get their home or business repaired quickly. Don’t leave money on the table.

When you and your family are forced to deal with a crisis, such as a hurricane in Florida, the stress and anxiety can be compounded when an insurance company denies a claim, refuses to make a payment or makes an inadequate settlement offer.

It can be hard to know exactly what your rights are—especially when the insurance company representatives are telling you that you aren’t entitled to compensation, or that your policy limits compensation in complex ways. Insurance companies know this gives them the upper hand, and that many people will become discouraged or desperate to make repairs. Our Florida insurance claim attorneys understand the complex language in your policy and know how to enforce your rights under that policy. We are dedicated to holding the insurance company to its obligations.


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