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In the blink of an eye, your entire life could change. You never thought that a natural disaster could utterly destroy the home and property you’ve worked so hard for. One moment you’re driving to work, the next you’re in the hospital with catastrophic injuries. It only takes one unfortunate event to cause the destruction of your home, or one second of negligence to cause a terrible accident.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve. When you need aggressive, tireless Tampa personal injury attorneys, come to Williams Law, P.A. Our legal team, led by Tampa personal injury attorney K.C. Williams, believes in compassionate and personal legal services.  We’ll meet with you in person or will discuss your case with you over the phone, and we will listen carefully to your situation.  We’ll give you a list of options and help you take steps toward appropriate recovery. Our mission is to help you recover the full benefits owed to you from your insurance policy and, if necessary, to pursue compensation for you through the civil court system.

At Williams Law, P.A., we strive to offer assistance for a wide range of legal issues. Our main goal is to help the people of Tampa Bay protect their rights and pursue just compensation for property loss or personal damages. Our Tampa personal injury attorneys focus on personalized, one-on-one service to give our clients the best possible experience during hardships. From slip and falls at the grocery store to multi-million dollar commercial building hurricane damage claims, our firm has seen the entire spectrum of issues.

We at Williams Law, P.A. specialize in both insurance claim disputes and catastrophic injury claims; and have pursued over a thousand claims on behalf of our clients – many of which all the way through trial and beyond.  If an insurance company has recently denied your claim or offered less than you believe your claim is worth, talk to our Tampa personal injury lawyers. We aren’t afraid to go up against the largest insurance companies in the country. Whether a sinkhole developed beneath your home, a hurricane damaged your home, or you were the victim of a car accident, our accomplished law firm has the resources to assist with your claims.

Williams Law, P.A., Tampa area personal injury lawyers have more than 20 years’ experience in helping accident victims pursue compensation for their injuries. If you have suffered an injury as the result of someone else’s negligence, we are here to help you. Whether your injuries are the result of a car accident, medical negligence, medical malpractice, or some other form of personal injury, you can rest assured that Williams Law, P.A. has the experience necessary to deal with your unique case.

You may consider pursuing a personal injury case yourself. However, many people are unprepared to handle the stress of a jury trial or court settlement and all the necessary court filings that occur. We at Williams Law, P.A. urge you to consider allowing our Tampa injury attorneys to handle the ins and outs of what can be a complicated court proceeding while you recover from your injuries.

In the event your case goes to trial, our personal injury lawyers are well versed in dealing with the Florida court system, and well-prepared to handle any issues that come our way. Once insurance companies and competing litigation enter the mix, the situation becomes more complicated. However, our years of experience handling jury trials and corporate insurance companies will ensure you adequate compensation – we will not give in to corporate bullies.

Regardless of the nature of your accident or whether we have seen a case like yours before, Williams Law, P.A. takes pride in providing the hometown service you need while you are experiencing one of the most difficult times in your life. Clients who choose Williams Law, P.A. experience several benefits.

Working with an established Tampa, FL law firm with over $100 million recovered for our clients

The comfort of our excellent reputation among clients and peers alike

The value of our Tampa personal injury lawyers’ experience coupled with the far-reaching resources available to our research and support staff

At Williams Law, P.A., we take care to provide each and every client with a personalized experience. To that end, we can promise every bit of the benefits of a large law firm while ensuring the attention and personal feel of a small-town firm. That is why we are so successful – attention to detail, attention to personal relationships, and attention to your case.

Williams Law, P.A. – Your Dedicated Tampa Personal Injury Law Firm

Reckless drivers, careless property owners, and negligent employers have all been defendants in cases we’ve been involved with in Tampa and throughout Florida. Our Tampa personal injury team knows how to thoroughly investigate an accident, identify the defendant(s), and pursue compensation through the appropriate legal outlets. We have years of experience negotiating with major insurance companies regarding home and vehicle claims, and our Tampa injury lawyers don’t stop until we’ve exhausted all options.

Every day, we encounter individuals who could cause us serious injury – other drivers, co-workers, product manufacturers, property owners…there is almost no end to the potential defendants in these types of cases. No matter who caused your incident, speak to the Tampa personal injury attorneys at Williams Law, P.A. about your potential legal remedies. The legal team is ready and waiting to listen to your story.

We have dedicated our time to providing Tampa-area accident victims with the help and resources they need to pursue fair compensation for their injuries. First, we will work to find evidence regarding the finer details of the incident. Your lawyer will work with police, doctors, and all the available resources to determine the root cause of your accident. Next, focus will shift to proving the ways in which the person who caused your accident was negligent. If necessary, we will locate expert witnesses to strengthen your personal injury case, should the case go to trial.

If you are experiencing concern about your ability to afford a Tampa personal injury lawyer, consider the fact that Williams Law, P.A.’s personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. In other words, we do not charge you unless we win your case and recover you compensation for your injuries. In addition, consultations regarding your case are always free. Contact us today to set up your free consultation and get advice regarding your next steps in your personal injury lawsuit.

It is important you use a law firm you can trust. Williams Law, P.A. is that firm. Our years’ worth of experience in personal injury law, our excellent case record, and our over $100 million in compensation won on behalf of Tampa-area accident victims speaks for itself. If you or a loved one suffered injuries because of someone else’s negligence, isn’t it time you sought the peace of mind an experienced personal injury attorney has to offer?

If you or someone you love recently sustained injuries or died in any type of incident in the Tampa Bay area, contact Williams Law, P.A. We have a firm understanding of Florida’s laws and legal processes, gained through more than 20 years of experience representing Tampa Bay personal injury clients. We cover a variety of injury laws and insurance-related issues at our local law firm. We want to be your stronghold during the most difficult time of your life. Call (800) 451-6786 today or contact us online to schedule your free consultation with our Tampa personal injury lawyers.

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