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What Is Failure to Investigate a Claim?

When you submit a claim to an insurance company, you have a legal right to expect the company to handle it in good faith. This means in an honest and fair attempt to resolve your claim and protect your interests. Unfortunately, many insurance companies act in bad faith, meaning they handle claims dishonestly – often… read more

Elements of a Bad-Faith Insurance Claim in Florida

Every state defines bad-faith insurance differently. Generally speaking, bad faith is an insurance company failing to process a claim fairly, honestly and in a good-faith attempt to resolve the issue. If you believe you are dealing with insurance bad faith during a claim for an injury or property damage, find out if you have the… read more

Can an HOA Prohibit Rentals in Florida?

If you own a home you wish to rent to tenants or through a site such as Airbnb, be careful to check with your homeowners association (HOA) first. In Florida, a homeowners association can prohibit a homeowner from renting out a property or place restrictions on rental rights. Putting your home up for rent without… read more

What Is a Homeowners Insurance Appraisal?

It is not enough for a homeowners insurance company to accept liability for your losses. The insurance company must also offer a settlement that accurately reflects the full extent of your damages and losses. The company will do so through a homeowners insurance appraisal. What Is an Appraisal? If you need to make a homeowners… read more

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Smoke Damage?

During a house fire, the fire itself is not the only risk. The smoke the fire creates also has very real dangers – both in terms of physical health and property damage. The smoke damage caused to your home and possessions by a structural fire could require you to replace or repair items. Find out… read more

Fires Caused By Faulty Wiring

One of the most common causes of house and property fires is faulty wiring. According to the National Fire Protection Agency, electrical fires account for 13% of all home structure fires. Electrical malfunctions are second to unattended equipment as the leading cause of house fires in the US. If your property damage in Tampa stemmed… read more

Should I Give a Recorded Statement to an Insurance Company?

After an accident, fire or natural disaster, it can be difficult to know whom to trust. Most of the people who contact you shortly after an accident – including bill collectors and insurance claims adjusters – will not have your best interests in mind. It is critical to know how to handle conversations with an… read more

Signs an Insurance Company Is Acting in Bad Faith

If you get injured in an accident, you will need to file an insurance claim to request financial compensation for your related losses, such as medical expenses and property repairs. Unfortunately, not all insurance companies handle claims or clients fairly. Handling a claim dishonestly means the insurance company is acting in bad faith. It is… read more

What Is an Expert Witness in an Insurance Claim?

You may have a lot on the line during an insurance claim in Tampa. The fate of your home and family may hang in the balance. Hiring an expert witness could be what tilts the scales in your favor. An expert witness can provide proof that what you are claiming is more likely to be… read more

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Window Damage?

A broken window is a common type of home repair. It does not take much for a fragile glass window to shatter. From bad storms to a stray baseball finding the window, you may need to replace multiple windows while you live in your house. Depending on your homeowners insurance policy, you may or may… read more