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Why Would My Hurricane Ian Damage Claim Get Denied?

  Same Old Story: Insurance Delays, Denials, and Coverage Issues Having your home or belongings destroyed or damaged by a hurricane, storm, or other natural disaster can be a traumatic experience. It can be even worse if your insurance company refuses to pay to repair or replace your property. Though insurance companies are tough to… read more

Hurricane Ian Business Interruption Insurance Claims

Once business and property owners begin to recover from the storm, they should also prepare to bring these losses to their insurance companies: Take stock of losses, plan their response, and examine their insurance policies and their recovery options. There will be many questions. How are we going to pay to repair damaged property? What… read more

Flood Safety Tips

Being caught in a flood is a very real risk as a resident of Tampa. The most effective way to keep yourself and your loved ones safe in the event of a flood is to prepare ahead of time. The following information can improve your chances of safely evacuating a flooded area with as little… read more

Health Dangers in a Flood

Flooding is common in the Tampa Bay area. Tampa is susceptible not only to flooding from hurricanes and tropical storms but also due to sea level rises. Protecting yourself and your loved ones in the event of a flood takes more than just knowing how to evacuate safely. Learn about the numerous dangers associated with… read more

What to Do in the Event of a Flood in Tampa

Flooding is a significant risk in the Tampa Bay area. With an elevation of just 48 feet, the City of Tampa is highly susceptible to floods due to storms and sea level rise. When hurricanes and tropical storms pass through, they can also cause flooding due to rainwater runoff. If you get caught in a… read more

What Is An Insurance Breach of Contract in Florida?

Insurance companies have a wealth of experience preparing contracts and litigating policy terms. They also have experience maximizing their profits through business practices that minimize claim payouts. Insurers carefully word their policies using the language that is most conducive to making a profit. If the insurance company breaches a contract with a client, however, the… read more

What Are the Most Common Problems People Have With Insurance After a Hurricane?

After a hurricane damages your home, the second nightmare is dealing with a property insurance claim. Homeowners insurance companies often make it difficult to recover fair financial benefits for hurricane damage and flood damage. There are many problems you may encounter during a claim, including the insurance company intentionally trying to take advantage of you…. read more

How to Tell Whether Water Damage Is Old or New

If you discover signs of water damage in your home, you may wonder if it’s been there or if you have a new water leak. It is important to determine whether water damage is old or new so that you can take immediate action if it’s the latter. There are methods of estimating when the… read more