Fire insurance in Florida

The threat of fire in Florida homes and businesses is very real. In situations where a building has been damaged or destroyed by a conflagration, it is essential to follow proper procedures while interacting with the insurance companies and attempting to gain the rightful compensation.

Business or homeowners who have experienced a fire should contact their insurance company with relevant information about the incident as soon as possible. It is important to clearly list exactly what was lost, damaged or destroyed in the fire. Although cleanup and repair may begin immediately, property that has been hurt should be kept and stored until the insurance adjuster has seen it and made an estimate of the claim. Even though the value of the property may already be degraded, it is still necessary to secure it in such a way as to prevent any further damage. Insurance companies require that property be reasonably secured against further damage.

It is appropriate to request a monetary advance against the final claim settlement. Insurance agencies will often disburse a moderate amount in order to pay living expenses and other necessities while repairs are carried out and the ultimate amount of the claim is decided. Complete and accurate records should be kept of everything relating to this period, from the cost of the short-term expenses immediately after the fire to the cost of repairs and renovations.

If there is difficulty obtaining rightful compensation from the insurance company for fire insurance claims, then it may be helpful to consult with a lawyer about available remedies. It may be necessary to file a bad faith lawsuit to compel the insurer to pay the damages it contracted to pay.

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