Helpful tips for dealing with water damage claims

Despite how infrequent floods are in our region, there are a surprising number of homes that sustain water damage every year because of major storms. Even more troubling, homeowners may not discover the extent of water damage until it becomes quite severe.

In these instances, it is critical to provide your insurer with as much information as possible as soon as possible. After all, insurers can be dismissive at times unless your incident is connected to a major natural disaster. In those instances, insurers like to taut how responsive they can be in a crisis; but when water damage occurs on smaller scale, an insurer may be slow to respond.

This post will provide some helpful tips.

Take mold contamination seriously – As we noted before, insurance adjusters and claim reps may be quick to dismiss how serious mold damage could be after a prolonged water leak or storm damage. However, tract home building products have become more susceptible to developing mold contamination. With that, insurers should be made aware of mold damage as soon as possible.

Protect property from further damage – It might go without saying, but all personal property should be taken out of the room where the water has entered. The property should be photographed (or video recorded) to that the insurer has documented proof of what was damaged, and the extent of such damage.

Cooperate with the investigation, but within reason – Indeed, the insurer is going to need all available information to evaluate the claim, but no investigation should require a sworn statement from you, a recorded statement or a sworn “proof of loss” form before you have had an opportunity to speak with a water damage attorney in Florida.