Florida Tornado Insurance Claims Attorney

Tornados can cause damage more quickly than any other sort of natural disaster.  The winds of a tornado can rip a home or commercial property to shreds in just a few moments.  Very few, if any, natural disasters can cause the total loss of your property as violently as a tornado.

Tornado damage is caused by a complex combination of straight-line winds, strong downbursts, and raw wind speed.  Although the focal point of the tornado may not be very large, the high winds can cause property damage for over a mile.

Fujita-Pearson Scale for Tornado Strength

The Fujita-Pearson Scale – or Fujita Scale, for short – is a tool experts use to rate the intensity of a tornado by examining the damage caused by the tornado after it has passed over a man-made structure.  The vast majority of all tornados are too weak to actually cause extensive damage, and most form and dissolve without ever having caused any damage.  On the other hand, a small percentage of tornados can be classified as violent, and it is these tornados that cause extensive property damage and destruction.

Importantly, the size of the tornado is not necessarily indicative of its intensity.  Large tornados can be weak in intensity, whereas small tornados may be very intense and capable of causing an extensive amount of damage.  The Fujita Scale is based on the damage caused by the wind, not by the size of the storm, and can therefore be very subjective.

Experience Evaluating Roof Damage From Tornados

If the tornado doesn’t cause a total loss to your property, it is likely that the majority of the damage will be to your roof.  It is crucial that you have your roof evaluated by a team of professionals who can fully understand and appreciate the damage caused by the high winds of a tornado.

Williams Law, P.A. is familiar with the tactics used by insurance companies to deny or underpay tornado damage claims.  Our firm hires all experts necessary to prove your tornado structural damage claim.  Structural engineering experts and building contractors will likely be needed to render their opinions as to the full extent of the damage caused to your property and the cost to fully repair and restore your property to its pre-loss condition.