Water Damage: What Is Likely To Be Covered By Your Insurance?

As we well know in the Tampa area, storms can do much more than soak your newly washed car or water your lawn. Significant water damage to your Tampa home or business is a real danger in storms. According a recent media report, water damage is the most commonly reported loss in the insurance industry.

And it can happen on a sunny day as well as when a storm hits. Burst pipes and other plumbing malfunctions can flood your home or business with water as quickly and easily as the strongest storms.

What can you expect from your insurer when you report water damage? A financial advisor recently said it “depends on if the leak was caused by a `covered peril’ under your policy.” For instance, if water leaks through your roof in a heavy rainstorm, damaging fixtures inside your house as well as your roof, would you be covered? The answer might well be yes and no, the advisor said.

You might not be reimbursed for your roof repairs because the roof will be considered a part of your house maintenance. The good news is that the damage to the rest of your home should be covered.

The advisor said you should act quickly to prevent more damage. That can mean having your roof covered or having a portion of your home pumped out so that ongoing damage is mitigated. And keep track of those expenses, he said, so that you can be reimbursed by your insurer.

Of course, there is always the possibility that your insurer will deny a legitimate claim. It happens more often than it should, but with the help of a Florida water damage attorney experienced in battling denied or delayed claims, you can fight for the benefits you have paid for and that you deserve.