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Can You Sue a Negligent Home Inspector?

A home inspection is one of the necessary steps toward purchasing a property in Tampa. It is an in-depth inspection of a house and its features to affirm that it is sound, with all major systems in proper working order. The report you receive from a home inspector will give you the information you need… read more

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Mold Damage?

Mold damage is an extremely common problem in Tampa, Florida. High heat and humidity levels, as well as a propensity for flood damage, can lead to dangerous mold growth in your home. Living with mold is a significant health risk, as breathing it in could cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Unfortunately, your homeowners insurance… read more

How Your HOA Affects Homeowners Insurance Claims

Being part of a homeowners association (HOA) has drawbacks and benefits. While you typically have to pay additional fees to have an HOA, the association will cover expenses such as repairs to your home or neighborhood. If you live in a condo or gated community, you most likely have a homeowners association. This does not,… read more

What Water Damage Does Homeowners Insurance Not Cover?

Homeowners insurance should provide peace of mind. If anything happens that damages your property, your insurance carrier will provide compensation to repair your losses and help you move forward. It is a distressing realization for many homeowners, therefore, when they discover their insurance companies have denied their water damage claims based on policy exclusions or… read more

What If My Property Damage Claim Is Undervalued?

Property damage insurance is something millions of home and business owners pay for each month in case of unexpected disasters. If something does happen, such as a robbery or hurricane, property insurance can pay for your damages. The insurance claim process, however, can be complicated and overwhelming for the average policyholder. As a claimant, you… read more

What to Do If Your Insurance Company Ignores You

Insurance companies are well-versed in how to profit their investors. While they provide benefits that can significantly help their clients, they will offer the bare minimum in coverage whenever possible. In many cases, insurance companies try to avoid liability for a claimant’s losses entirely through strategies such as delays or wrongful claim denials. Sometimes, an… read more


The determination of whether your storm damage was caused by a hurricane as opposed to a regular storm can have a substantial effect on the amount of coverage you can get from your insurance policy.  In order to make sure you are getting the full benefit of your insurance coverage, you need to understand the… read more

What is Homeowners Insurance?

Admit it. You’ve probably never read your homeowners’ insurance policy. It’s not exactly riveting material, to say the least. This is the consensus most of our clients admit upon dealing with an underpaid or denied claim. In fact, according to a study by JD Power, 52% of policyholders don’t have a full grasp on their… read more

Can Home Insurance Be Backdated?

Backdated insurance requests coverage for something that happened prior to purchasing the policy. If you need to backdate an insurance claim, it means you need coverage for property damage that occurred before you paid for the policy. Backdated insurance is something most homeowners insurance companies do not offer. Find out if the insurance company you… read more

When Should I Dispute an Insurance Claim?

The home insurance claims process can be difficult for claimants. Many insurance companies, rather than standing by their policyholders, try to dispute claims or vastly underestimate property losses. An interest in profits over people can lead to the insurance company handling claims in bad faith. As a claimant, you should dispute an insurance claim if… read more