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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Theft?

Homeowners insurance gives you the gift of peace of mind. You know your insurer will pay for repairs if something should happen to your home, such as a fire or natural disaster. Homeowners insurance will also cover you after certain crimes, including vandalism and theft. If someone robs your home in Tampa and you have… read more

How To Deal With a Home Insurance Adjuster

After a damaging natural disaster or another event that harms your property, you may assume your insurance provider will be on your side. After all, you have kept up with your insurance payments for years and never asked for a dime in return. Unfortunately, many homeowners learn the same lesson during their first claim: insurance… read more

What Is an Insurance Dispute?

No matter what type of insurance claim you have to file in Florida, you could end up in a dispute with the insurance provider. An insurance dispute can be a difficult and frustrating experience. With help from a Tampa insurance dispute lawyer, however, you can balance the scales between you and the insurance company. A… read more

How Does Hurricane Insurance Work?

Unfortunately, hurricanes cause millions of dollars in property damage every year. If you are a resident of the state, you may have heard of hurricane insurance but perhaps aren’t all that familiar with the details. What do you need to know if you’re considering getting hurricane insurance? What Is Hurricane Insurance? Hurricane coverage is often… read more

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Stucco Damage?

Having homeowners insurance is a wonderful resource to have available and is often a requirement for financing. However, one of the most important issues regarding this type of insurance is understanding what kind of damage to your home your policy covers. Today we’ll be talking about one type of damage in particular: stucco damage. What… read more

Amusement Park Safety Tips

Tampa, Florida sees millions of tourists every year for its amusement parks alone. Tampa is home to famous theme parks such as Busch Gardens, Adventure Island, and Legoland Park. If your family is planning a vacation to one of Tampa’s amusement parks, make sure your trip does not include a ride to the emergency room…. read more

Spring Break Safety Tips

Florida is a spring break destination for travelers around the world. The first quarter of 2018 saw a record-breaking 33.2 million visitors come to Florida. A trip to Miami, Daytona Beach, or Disney World might be on your agenda this spring break, but make sure you enjoy your vacation without a trip to the hospital…. read more

Florida Scooter Laws

Scooters are a popular way to get around in Florida, when the weather permits. Motor scooters are fuel efficient, fast, and more eco-friendly than cars. As more Floridians opt to use motor scooters instead of typical passenger vehicles, however, the risk of serious personal injuries increases. Reviewing Florida’s scooter laws can help keep riders safe… read more

Is Florida a No-Fault State?

Florida has a set of rules that every driver must follow in order to remain in compliance with state auto insurance law. One of these rules, Florida’s “No-Fault” insurance statute, requires drivers in a car accident to carry a minimum amount of coverage in case serious injuries occur. This coverage can help pay for hospitalization,… read more

Car Inspection Laws in Florida

DISCLAIMER: OUR LAW FIRM DOES NOT HANDLE THESE TYPES OF CASES. WE EXCLUSIVELY HANDLE PERSONAL INJURY CASES. WE CAN ONLY HELP IF YOU HAVE BEEN INJURED IN AN ACCIDENT. This blog post is meant for general informational purposes only. Information found in the post does not constitute as formal legal advice and does not create an attorney/client… read more