Inadequate Investigation In Tampa Insurance Claims

Your insurance company is required to complete an investigation after you file a claim. This obligation is so basic to your policy that your insurer cannot deny or settle your claim unless it has completed a satisfactory investigation. When your company denies or underpays your claim based on incomplete information because it failed to properly investigate, Williams Law, P.A., can help you hold the insurer accountable.

Has Your Valid Claim Been Underpaid or Denied?

Since 1995, our firm founder, K.C. Williams, has maintained a clear focus on helping clients in the Tampa, Florida, region overcome the hurdles and roadblocks that carriers of nearly all types of insurance use to deny, delay or underpay valid claims for benefits.

When Insurers Fail to Investigate

Inadequate investigation of a claim is one common reason that valid claims are denied or underpaid. After a hurricane or other weather disaster, for example, representatives from your insurance company may not inspect your damage closely enough or complete all of the testing necessary to determine the true extent of the damages. They may summarily deny or underpay your claim without completing the full adjustment process.

In some cases, inadequate investigation can rise to the level of a bad faith claim by your insurance company.

When your insurance claim has been denied or underpaid because your carrier inadequately investigated it, our lawyers will thoroughly investigate your claim, bringing in experts as needed to show the extent of the damages. When your insurer refuses to deal fairly, we are willing and able to litigate your claim through a trial.