Tips To Keep In Mind When Filing A Property Insurance Claim

After suffering storm damage, discovering sinkhole damage or any other adverse event you believe should be covered by insurance, certain steps to protect your rights are critical. Your success in recovering all the benefits you are entitled to — and thus your ability to complete repairs and avoid financial hardship — could well be impacted by how you file, support and pursue your Florida property insurance claim.

Counsel On Filing, Documentation And Protection Of Your Rights

It is important to recognize that insurance companies employ an array of strategies and tactics intended to minimize what they must pay policyholders. Any error or delay on your part could prove extremely costly. Our professional team is available to advise you at any point in the process — and to take strong legal action on your behalf if needed — but we can also offer these basic tips:

For more information on filing a property insurance claim, visit our Property Insurance Claims FAQ page.

What To Do If Your Insurance Claim Is Denied

As many people in Florida are likely aware, natural disasters can cause severe damage. Property owners typically depend on insurance to help them cover their financial losses if their property is damaged by a natural disaster. In many situations, assistance is needed without delay. Unfortunately, insurance companies are sometimes more worried about their bottom line than they are about the lives of their clients, resulting in delayed or denied insurance claims.

Fortunately, the staff at Williams Law, P.A. can help those in Florida who are struggling with an insurance company over the compensation they need. Attorney Law has over 20 years of experience fighting to ensure that insurance companies fulfill their responsibilities to their clients. He may be the source you need as you seek help with an insurance claim.

Our law firm works with a variety of different scenarios, including coverage issues, assistance filing claims in Tampa and with claim disputes and claims of bad faith. We have worked with both commercial property owners as well as homeowners. If you are struggling with an insurance company due to fire or smoke damage or damage due to a hurricane, flooding or sinkholes, among others, we are here to help you.

When a person or company has experienced a natural disaster, they need their insurance company to help. Denied or delayed claims are an additional burden in a time that is likely already stressful. The process of filing insurance claims or appealing those that have been denied is sometimes complicated and requires a great deal of time and knowledge of the process.

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Most people are at a serious disadvantage when negotiating with insurance carriers, especially in a time of stress and turmoil. The process is unfamiliar and intimidating, and the stakes are extremely high. Attorney K.C. Williams’ knowledge and experience could make the difference in your case.

If you need help filing a major claim or a qualified opinion on whether your insurance company is acting within its rights, we encourage you to call or email our firm today. We maintain a full-service law office in Tampa, and offer free consultations on property insurance disputes.