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After your home was damaged by a hurricane or other disaster, you probably had the hope that your insurance company would stand by your side and help you put your life and property back together.  You bought property insurance with the hope that, if you ever had a loss, your homeowners policy would quickly investigate your claim and fairly pay your loss.  Unfortunately, many policy holders have learned the hard way that insurance companies are more interested in profit than paying claims. Damaged homes

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Insurance claims lawyer K.C. Williams has more than 20 years of experience assisting Florida residents and property owners in their struggles with insurance companies – helping to fight their delayed, denied or underpaid insurance claims.  Our firm has  earned a reputation for excellence in handling hurricane claims and other insurance claims for damages caused by storms or natural disasters.

Experienced Representation for Denied or Underpaid Claims

The property insurance attorneys at Williams P.A. have specific experience handling a wide variety of property damage claims and offer a high level of service and dedication in all types of insurance claims representation.  We can provide assistance in a wide range of insurance claim disputes – from the initial filing of the claim, fighting for coverage, or even pursuing a bad faith claim against the insurance companies.  Our experience includes the following areas:

We have gone up against insurance companies on behalf of clients and won many different types of insurance claims and disputes throughout Florida. We understand how even the most complicated insurance matters work and how to obtain the best possible case outcomes. If you believe you are being mistreated by an insurance company during any type of claim, find out if we can help.

Why Do You Need an Insurance Claim Attorney?

Insurance companies are notorious for putting their bottom lines before client recoveries. During any type of insurance claim, you are at risk of being taken advantage of by the insurance company and its claims adjusters. An insurance claims adjuster is the professional put in charge of investigating and assessing your claim. An insurance claims attorney can help you combat bad-faith tactics and obtain the insurance benefits that you deserve.

After you hire an attorney, the insurance company will take you more seriously. The insurer will respect your ability to navigate the law, negotiate a settlement and take the company to court. This will pressure the insurance company to treat your claim more fairly and offer a settlement that is adequate for your losses. Thus, hiring an attorney can result in a better financial outcome than handling the insurance claim yourself.

An insurance claim attorney in Tampa can also provide important benefits to you as a claimant. You have enough to worry about after an accident or natural disaster damages your home or injures you or a loved one. You should not also have to take on negotiations with a powerful insurance corporation alone. Hiring a lawyer gives you the mental peace to focus on healing and recovering while a trained professional takes care of the legal legwork of your claim.

FAQ Infographic for Insurance Claims Questions

Insurance Claims Laws

Florida law sets forth specific guidelines an insurance company must follow in investigating, estimating and paying an insurance damage claim.  Many times, insurance companies will ignore these laws. They hope the policy holder does not know his or her rights under their homeowners insurance policy.  Over the past two decades, we have assisted thousands of Floridians with their claims. We have helped them maximize their recovery under their insurance policies.

What Is Insurance Bad Faith?

If an insurance company intentionally violates Florida’s insurance laws, it is known as insurance bad faith. This means that rather than fulfilling the legal obligation to handle a claim in a good-faith attempt to resolve it, an insurance company is knowingly and intentionally mishandling the claim. Insurance bad faith is often an attempt by the insurance company to save money on a client’s payout.

Common examples of insurance bad faith are:

Insurance bad faith can interfere with your ability to recover the financial compensation that you need to repair your damaged property or pay off your medical bills. You may not receive the settlement that you deserve according to the language of your policy. If you are the victim of insurance bad faith in Tampa, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit against the insurance company for a legal resolution.

What Is an Insurance Bad Faith Lawsuit?

An insurance bad-faith lawsuit asserts that an insurance company has violated Florida’s insurance laws or mistreated a client and that this has led to losses suffered by the client. This type of lawsuit pursues financial compensation specifically for the insurance company’s bad-faith dealings, not just compensation for the original damages sought. If your insurance bad-faith lawsuit succeeds, the insurance company will owe you financial compensation for your original claim as well as additional damages as a penalty for mishandling your claim.

Do You Have a Deadline to File an Insurance Bad Faith Claim?

Yes, there is a deadline to file this type of lawsuit. You should never wait to seek legal advice if you believe you are the victim of insurance bad faith. As is the case in all states, Florida has a statute of limitations that restricts the amount of time a person has to bring a cause of action. Florida law gives you a maximum of five years to file a bad-faith insurance lawsuit. If you wait too long and miss your deadline, the courts in Hillsborough County will most likely reject your claim.

How To Choose A Lawyer For An Insurance Dispute

A vast range of law firms in Tampa and throughout west central Florida advertise their ability to handle your personal injury case, property damage claim problem or other serious legal matter. However, as in other professional pursuits, their experience, skill levels and approach vary widely. Key questions to consider when seeking a lawyer for your insurance dispute include:

The best way to find the right insurance claim attorney in Tampa for you is by arranging free consultations with a few different options, where you can ask the attorney your questions in person. Choose the lawyer with the best experience and skills to take your case, as well as the one that you feel the most comfortable with. Your lawyer should put your needs first, communicate with you openly and give you greater peace of mind during the legal process.

What to Say (And What Not to Say) to an Insurance Company

After you file an insurance claim in Tampa, be careful what you choose to say to the representative or claims adjuster who contacts you from the insurance company. Keep in mind that the insurance company does not want to maximize your outcome. It will prioritize its profits over your financial recovery. Use these dos and don’ts to protect your rights during negotiations:

If you do not feel confident speaking to an insurance company on your own, consult with an insurance claim attorney for assistance. An attorney can take over communications with an insurance provider on your behalf, allowing you to focus on your future while a trained professional handles the rest.

Get Help With Your Claim

Preparing, filing, and disputing insurance claims can be challenging.  Insurance companies do not always have your best interests in mind. Insurance companies often want to pay out as little as possible on claims.  In order to get all the benefits you are entitled to under your insurance policy, retain the services of a qualified attorney. An experienced Florida insurance dispute lawyer can represent you during this process. For a free, confidential consultation with an insurance claims attorney, please call (800) 451-6786 or submit an online contact form below.  We look forward to assisting you.


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