Therefore, it is important that a claim is dealt with quickly and in an appropriate manner. One of the first steps someone should take is to review their policy and see what is covered under it as well as if there are any deductibles or waiting periods involved. The next step is to gather evidence related to a claim. If it is for property damage, photos and estimates of the value of property involved may be necessary. For a disability claim, medical records may be needed. The more proof someone has to back up their claim, the harder it will be for an insurance provider to deny it.

People should also be sure to file their claim as quickly as possible once they have gathered information and any proof required because some insurance companies have deadlines. Additionally, if there is an issue with a claim, it is important that the process is started as quickly as possible so that someone isn’t waiting an even longer period of time for compensation.

If you have an insurance claim, it is important that you understand the process involved to improve the chances that you claim will go through quickly and without getting into a dispute with your insurance provider. For more information about what is involved, visit our page on insurance claims.

K.C. Williams III
Managing Partner who has spent his entire career representing Florida insurance and personal injury claims.