Williams Law Property Insurance Claim Lawyers FloridaFiling a homeowners insurance claim in Florida requires proactive and vigilant behavior, given our unique weather challenges, such as hurricanes and tropical storms. However, many individuals unknowingly make mistakes that can impact the success of their claims. While it might be tempting to handle the claims process alone, there are reasons why Florida homeowners should consider hiring a property insurance claim lawyer to navigate the complexities of property insurance claims.

1. Ignoring Hurricane Deductibles:

Florida homeowners are often subject to hurricane deductibles, separate from standard deductibles. One common mistake is failing to understand these specific deductibles, potentially resulting in unexpected out-of-pocket expenses. Before filing a claim related to a hurricane or tropical storm, be sure to comprehend the terms of your policy, including any special deductibles that may apply.

2. Delaying Wind Mitigation Inspections:

Wind mitigation inspections can lead to significant discounts on homeowners’ insurance premiums. However, some homeowners neglect to conduct these inspections before filing a claim for wind-related damage. Investing in a wind mitigation inspection can provide evidence of storm-resistant features in your home, potentially influencing the outcome of your claim.

3. Neglecting Flood Insurance:

Florida is prone to flooding, especially during hurricane season. Many homeowners mistakenly assume their standard homeowners' insurance policy covers flood damage. However, flood insurance is typically a separate policy. Neglecting to purchase flood insurance can expose you to substantial financial losses in the event of flooding. Assess your risk and, if necessary, invest in a separate flood insurance policy.

4. Failing to Secure Proper Documentation:

Proper documentation is crucial for any insurance claim, especially in Florida, where severe weather events are expected. Before filing a claim, document the damage thoroughly with photographs and videos. Keep a detailed record of all damaged items and structural issues. This documentation will serve as vital evidence during the claims process.

Determining the full extent of property damage can be challenging. Insurance companies may undervalue the cost of repairs or overlook hidden damages. A lawyer with experience in property claims can assess the damage accurately, ensuring that all necessary repairs are covered in your settlement.

5. Not Understanding Exclusions and Limitations:

Florida homeowners’ insurance policies often have specific exclusions and limitations related to weather events. Understanding these exclusions and limitations before filing a claim is essential. Insurance policies are notorious for their complex and often confusing language. Many homeowners struggle to interpret their policies' terms, conditions, and exclusions. Hiring an insurance claim attorney early on can help decipher the jargon, help you fully understand your coverage, and ensure all applicable benefits are pursued.

6. Overlooking Additional Living Expenses:

If your home becomes uninhabitable due to covered damage, your homeowners' insurance may cover additional living expenses (ALE). This can include costs for temporary housing, meals, and other necessities. However, homeowners often overlook this aspect of their policy or fail to keep thorough records of these expenses. Be sure to understand your ALE coverage and maintain detailed records for reimbursement.

7. Neglecting to Report Promptly:

In Florida, timely reporting is crucial for insurance claims. Filing an insurance claim involves adhering to specific legal procedures and deadlines. Missing a critical deadline or failing to follow the correct procedures could result in claim denial. A Florida insurance claim lawyer will ensure that all paperwork is filed correctly and on time, reducing the risk of complications in the claims process.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls When Filing a Homeowners' Insurance Claim in Florida

Filing a homeowners insurance claim in Florida requires a heightened awareness of the unique challenges posed by our climate. By avoiding these common mistakes, homeowners can increase the likelihood of a successful claim and ensure they receive the compensation needed to rebuild and recover after a damaging event. Hiring an experienced property insurance attorney can significantly enhance your chances of a successful claim, ensuring you receive fair compensation for your property damage. Consider it an investment in protecting your home and securing your financial future.

Has Your Home Insurance Company Denied or Undervalued Your Property Damage Claim in Florida?

If your insurance company is dragging its feet regarding your property damage claim, you should speak with an experienced insurance claim lawyer as soon as possible. Please get in touch with us online or call our Florida law office at 800.451.6786 to schedule your free consultation. We help Florida residents like you fight the big insurance companies who fail to abide by their policies. Remember, we work on a contingent basis, meaning you don't pay us anything until we win your case. 

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