Every day that your business is closed because of fire or storm damage is revenue you can’t recover. Even if you remain open during clean-up and repairs, work crews and construction noise keep customers at bay.

Most business owners have insurance coverage for business interruption under their commercial property insurance. However, the insurance company may conclude that your scenario isn’t covered or may downplay compensation. Williams Law, P.A., in Tampa, Florida, will stand up for maximum replacement of your lost revenues.

Business and Commercial Hurricane Insurance Claims

Business owners who have had their property damaged during a severe storm or other event have the right to expect that their insurance company will stand by them after a loss.  Unfortunately, insurance companies will often put their own interests ahead of the interests of the policy holder.

If you find yourself in the position of facing an insurance company who is not willing to honor your claim or is attempting to underpay you for the damage to your commercial property, you may need the assistance of the attorneys and other legal professionals at Williams Law, P.A.

Types of Commercial Property Damage

Property owners are not usually experts in evaluating the extent and nature of damage caused to their business property.  Since the scope of the damage to their property may seem overwhelming, it is important to retain a property damage expert to assist in the recovery for your loss.  Our firm has experience with, at least, the following types of commercial losses:

  • Hurricanes and wind storms
  • Hailstorms
  • Tornadoes
  • Water damage
  • Fire
  • Roof damage and replacement
  • Exterior siding and finishing
  • Foundation repair
  • Interior damage
  • Personal property and business equipment
  • Loss of use and loss of business income

Business Interruption Claims

Many owners focus on the damage to the building and do not realize that they may be covered for loss of revenue from the aftermath of the event itself or the disruption of repairs. Most commercial property owners are covered for business interruption in their commercial property casualty insurance for fire loss or hurricane damage, or under a separate rider.


  • Lost income and cash flow
  • Loss of customers who take their business elsewhere
  • Loss of use or rental value
  • Temporary lease of other commercial space

If your doors are closed for weeks or months, we understand that your business is bleeding money. K.C. Williams brings more than 20 years of experience in insurance claim negotiation and litigation in Florida. He will help you document the lost income and demonstrate the interruption to your business in tangible ways. He will fight the insurance companies every step of the way for your entitled compensation.

Loss of Use or Rental Value

We handle the full spectrum of commercial property damage claims, including hurricanes and windstorms, fire loss, floods and water damage, damaged roofs, or sinkhole damage. For owners who depend on rental income, any of these events can mean a catastrophic loss of revenue.

Loss of use and loss of rental value are typically covered under a general property casualty policy, or under a separate rider. Experienced insurance dispute lawyer K.C. Williams can help determine your rights and remedies under the policy and defend your claims. He works closely with clients to detail or project the lost revenues if you are unable to live in your home or if you are unable to sell or lease the damaged commercial space. Loss of use includes dangerous, filthy or unlivable conditions, as well as any period the property or unit cannot be occupied because of rebuilding, repair, smoke extraction, etc.

We Hire All the Experts Needed To Prove Your Claim

Your ability to proving the cause and extent of your damage claim is very dependent on the quality of the experts retained to help present your claim.  At Williams Law, P.A., we have a long history of working with experts who can fully evaluate the nature and extent of your damage, and who can set forth the best manner by which to repair your property.

Among other types of experts, we have worked with structural engineers, geologists, building contractors, geotechnical engineers, public adjusters and other property damage professionals.

After handling commercial property insurance claims for over twenty years, Williams Law, P.A. has experience handling, at least, the following insurance disputes:

  • Denied commercial property insurance claims
  • Failure to promptly pay valid damage claims
  • Failure to properly investigate and estimate damage
  • Inaccurate damage estimates and low-ball settlement offers
  • Claiming that the damage pre-existed the date of the loss
  • Stating that the damage is result of construction defects
  • Wear and tear exclusion defenses

Recovering From Hurricane Damage to your Business

Remember, the longer the insurance company can deny or delay your claim, the longer it will take to get your business operating again normally.  This delay can lead to further damage to your property, a loss of income, a loss of customers, and a loss of reputation.

Has Your Home Insurance Company Denied Or Undervalued Your Property Damage Claim In Florida?

If your insurance company is dragging their feet regarding your property damage claim you should speak with an experienced insurance claim lawyer as soon as possible. Please contact us online or call our Florida law office directly at 800.451.6786 to schedule your free consultation. We help Florida residents just like you fight the big insurance companies who fail to abide by their own policies. Remember, we work on a contingent basis, meaning you don't pay us anything until we win your case. 

K.C. Williams III
Managing Partner who has spent his entire career representing Florida insurance and personal injury claims.