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Homeowners purchase insurance for the peace of mind they receive from the knowledge that damages to their largest asset will be covered. When homeowners have to fight their insurance company because the insurance company fails to live up to its obligation to pay legitimate claims, Williams Law, P.A., provides experienced, aggressive representation to hold them accountable.

From offices in Tampa, Brandon and New Port Richey, our insurance claim attorneys focus almost solely on clients who have had legitimate claims rejected, underpaid or otherwise unfairly dealt with by insurance carriers. We are experienced in this area of law. Firm founder K.C. Williams began his practice in commercial and homeowner insurance claims more than 20 years ago.

Did your insurance company refuse to pay for water, wind, fire or other storm-related damage to your home? If so, our Florida insurance claim attorneys can help. Call for a free consultation at (800) 451-6786.

Experienced Representation For Property Insurance Claims

Depending on the terms of your insurance policy, a wide range of damages to your property may be covered. We have dealt with many types of homeowner insurance and condominium insurance claims, including:

When you contact your insurance company about a claim for damages to your home, your insurance company may pay your claim fairly. In many situations, however, insurance carriers can deny claims, inadequately investigate damages, underpay benefits or use other strategies to avoid paying a perfectly valid claim. When they do, we can help.

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Our lawyers know the tricks that insurance companies use and know how to protect you against them. We will thoroughly investigate your claim and review your property insurance policy to determine the benefits to which you are entitled. We will work with your carrier to settle your claim favorably, but when the need arises we are experienced trial attorneys who are known for our willingness to take cases to trial.

We offer free initial consultations, and our cases are generally handled on a contingency basis. This means we charge attorneys’ fees and costs only when we obtain compensation for your claim. In many cases, our fees and costs may be paid separately from your claim by the insurance company.

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