In the aftermath of a storm

He is watching over the ruins of his home, guarding what is left. The Texas man’s house of more than 20 years was destroyed by a tornado a few days ago. “You have to stay up watching your house and your belongings to make sure nobody steals anything,” he told a reporter.

Not only was the house leveled, but he found out a few days later that his homeowner’s insurance is not going to help him rebuild his home and life. “It’s a good possibility I could walk away from here barefoot and with nothing,” he said.

According to the news article, the man’s insurance policy pays to the bank holding his mortgage, rather than to him.

It is unfortunate that in the aftermath of storms, some people learn that some caveats and conditions in their insurance policies mean they won’t get the financial help they thought they were going to receive. In other cases, people simply do not get the coverage they paid for.

Far too often insurance companies will try to deny or underpay claims.

The 62-year-old Texas man says that even though he doesn’t know what the future holds for him, he has been both humbled and surprised by the many strangers who have turned out to help storm victims.

We have seen that kind of response here in Tampa, too, after a storm has done damage. Neighbors reach out, as do strangers who want to lend helping hands to those in need.

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