Insurance company agrees to pay roof damage claims

For many families in Florida and across the country, their home is the investment that is worth the most amount of money. As such, they continue to invest time and money in order to maintain and improve it. Because the unexpected can happen at any moment, a homeowner’s insurance policy is bought for financial security in the event their home is damaged. Unfortunately, some out-of-state homeowners claim that their insurance company initially denied their claims stemming from roof damage.

Homeowners in the same community say that their roofs were damaged as a result of a severe hailstorm. Although other insurance companies approved claims in nearby neighborhoods, approximately 100 homes were denied by Owner Insurance, part of Property & Casualty Giant Auto-Owners. One roofer claims that he had never experienced an insurance company that denied a claim for such severe damage.

The insurance company sent an engineer to investigate damage claims. After he reported that the roofs did not show signs of hail damage, the company sent out a second professional who reported the same. Despite the initial denial, Owners Insurance ultimately agreed to settle with the Homeowner’s Association the day before a local news station was set to air a story.

Unfortunately, there are many commercial and homeowners who own a property in Florida that suffered roof damage and feel they have no path to justice following the denial of an insurance claim. Without financial assistance, many are unable to make necessary repairs, leaving their home or business uninhabitable. However, there are options for recourse, often involving the help of an attorney with experience negotiating with insurance companies over denied claims.

Source:, “Homeowners fight with insurance company to fix hail damage“, Jim Strickland, Nov. 15, 2016