Thanksgiving kicks off season of deadly driving

While families’ modes of travel have changed over the years, chances are good that they still make the effort to get together over the Thanksgiving holiday, the first in the final series of holidays that close out the year.

AAA Auto Club South is predicting that over this Thanksgiving weekend, more than 48 million Americans will have traveled at least 50 miles from home, which is a projected increase of a million when compared with statistics from 2015. This is also the highest number of travelers over the same period in nearly a decade.

The auto association president stated, “This is the most traveled holiday of the year, and as usual there is an emphasis on road trips. If you are one of the 43.5 million people on the road, we urge you to be patient in traffic and limit distractions while behind the wheel.”

Florida drivers will be out in force as well

Approximately 2.5 million Florida residents are anticipated to be traveling this year, too, for a 5 percent increase over last year’s totals. Although the Thanksgiving holiday weekend doesn’t have the same reputation for dangerous driving as some – top honors go to Memorial Day – over the last five years, 109 deaths occurred on Florida highways over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Of course, the above figures only account for the worst-case scenarios, where someone dies in a an auto accident. They fail to reflect the hundreds of minor collisions that occur and injure drivers and their passengers and the fender-benders that might not even get reported in the madness of Black Friday shopping throngs.

Protect your rights to make a claim for damages

No matter how minor the collision may seem, the best way to ensure that your right to pursue compensation down the road should that be necessary is to document the accident with a police report. It’s also a good idea to snap a few shots with a smartphone, capturing the angles of the vehicles’ impact, any skid marks and the damage on both. Should your claims for compensation go unmet, you can always seek the counsel of a Florida personal injury attorney who has experience in forcing insurance companies to settle with their claimants.