Unexpected storm damage shocks home- and business owners

As we well know here in Tampa, storms can form and strike without a moment’s notice. A homeowner can leave for work in the morning and come home in the evening to unexpected and extensive damage to their home from water and high winds.

That appears to be what recently happened to a number of people across the Southeast when severe storms struck suddenly and viciously, leaving homeowners and business owners with unexpected damage to buildings and other property.

“Didn’t expect to see what I saw,” a Mississippi man told a TV reporter after his barn was flattened. “Sure I expected something to be torn up but I didn’t expect this.”

He said he expects recovery from the storm to take him and others in the area a year or two.

High winds in nearby areas caused damage to multiple buildings, according to the report.

The storm had a far more tragic result for four people killed when a tree slammed into an Alabama mobile home. A Florida man was also killed in what officials said was a storm-related drowning.

Emergency officials said there were no injuries or deaths in storm-battered Mississippi and Louisiana, though shoppers at a retail store ignored warnings from firefighters to evacuate the building when high winds toppled 18-wheelers in the parking lot and blew holes in the store’s roof.

Some shoppers refused to leave, however. “Believe it or not, we had some people in there who were still trying to shop,” Marksville, Louisiana’s fire chief said.

Few of us are that eager to find a bargain.

For those who have to deal with water or wind damage to homes or businesses, a conversation with a Tampa attorney experienced in bad faith insurance claims can help you begin pursuit of full and fair compensation.